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MIG Welding Systems  This is a gas metal arc welding system (GMAW) for  conventional arc welding (MIG/MAG welding etc.) of large  structures. The work pieces will be clamped onto a turntable  and then mechanically moved into the welding position. The  robotic cell provides protection against UV radiation, fumes and sputter.
Robotic EMPT Manufacturing Cell (with a double station rotary table for clamping the work pieces)
Conventional and Robotic Welding System with 2-station rotary table (with inserted base module)
Laser Cutting Systems This is a laser cutting cell for cylindrical parts. The parts are  automatically clamped in a horizontal position. It is possible to  cut straight or curvilinear edges. Automated material handling  systems are available.
TIG Welding Systems This gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) or tungsten inert gas  welding (TIG) cell is preferentially used for long components.  The parts are clamped outside the cell and then rotated around the horizontal axis of the positioning unit with very limited  space requirements. The robotic cell provides protection  against UV radiation and spatter.
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Laser Cutting Cell for tubular work Pieces
TIG Welding Cell for long Components
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Automated EMPT Manufacturing Systems

Automated Welding and Cutting Systems

Automated EMPT Manufacturing Systems EMPT Manufacturing Cells Laser Cutting Systems Automated Welding and Cutting Systems MIG Welding Systems TIG Welding Systems
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EMPT Manufacturing Cells This is a system for welding, forming and cutting three  dimensional work pieces with the help of electromagnetic  pulse technology (EMPT). It has a very high productivity due  to the simultaneous clamping and processing on a double  station rotary table. The walls of the robotic cell provide a  comfortable noise level. 
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