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Engineering and Prototyping Numerical Simulation (FEA) 0-Series and Contract Production
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Technical Services: Engineering,

Numerical Simulation and Testing

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PSTproducts uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in addition to


We can reduce the lead time required for development and

optimisation by applying FEA and additional numerical calculations.

Qualified and customer specific testing of products complement the

prototyping phase as part of our engineering services. Endurance

tests are used on an ongoing base, to assess the exceptional design 

life  and quality of our EMPT systems. We run EMPT systems

(generators and coils) day and night for several months in our


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Sales options: Flexible and efficient

Conventional sale of a system Including semi automated fixtures. Fully automated systems are available in collaboration with our system automation partner if requested. Pay per Pulse PSTproducts can provide you with an EMPT system (pulse generator) on a pay per pulse basis. Invoices are issued monthly. You will receive the following benefits: No capital investment for the pulse generator No maintenance cost for the pulse generator         (Service and spare parts are included) Subsequent purchasing option at the current market value after 24 months