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Products Tdot Videos News Info-Centre Contact us About Us Thermodynamics  -       Heat conduction -	Mechanical stresses and strain due to thermal loading -	Convective cooling                Examples: Temperature distribution  in a cooler grill  Radiation losses Heat generation due  to laser radiation Cooler plate Electromagnetics                                                      -       Electric and magnetic fields (stationary and time-dependent) -	Induction -	Inductive heating -	Nonlinear magnetic materials -	Transformers and reactance coils -	AC electromagnetics up to the low MHz range (without radiation, no antennas) -	Beam control and electromagnetic lenses    Electric motor Magnetic lens for  beam focusing  Examples: Transformer with  nonlinear core material Reactance coil Fluid Dynamics  -       Flow around a work piece -	Flow in tubes or channels -	Flow coupled with heat transfer -	Free and forced convection         Examples: Flow velocity profile      around a work piece Laminar mixing		 Flow around a          boat keel	 Valve Examples: Structural Mechanics  -       Elastic and plastic component deformations -	Eigenfrequency and eigenmode computations -	Component failure -	Metal forming simulations dominated by significant plastic strain Metal forming: Ironing process for can production Metal forming: Internal pressure forming Static loads acting on  a frame structure Material failure:  4 point bending Fields of Application for FEM  Coupled Simulations  -	Electro-mechanical and electro-thermal interactions -	Fluid-structure interaction -	Effects of temperature dependent electrical conductivity on thermally loaded electric components -	Fluid thermal coupling          Heat generation in electrical conductors   Inductive heating  Examples: Forced convection Impact of a plate  on a water surface

Numerical Simulation: We look at the Detail

Detailed Finite Element Analysis enables PSTproducts to extend the existing technical limitations of EMPT as well as to continually

decrease the amount of component wear experienced. Our simulation engineers are specialized in modelling strongly coupled

problems in the field of electromagnetics, thermodynamics and mechanics.

You too can profit from the knowledge of our specialists when planning your tasks. We can model for you situations from

the followong fields:

- Structural Mechanics

- Thermodynamics

- Electromagnetics


- Coupled Problems

- Fluid Dynamics